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Image Mender Overview

Image Mender is an application for removing unnecessary objects from images.
The software makes it easy to get rid of scratches, stains, logos and other objects on photographs. Simply select the spot to be cleared, and the program will do the rest.


Major functions

  • Intellectual reconstruction – the program reconstructs the image under the cleared spot so fine that the traces are hardly noticeable even after the removal of large fragments.
  • Ease of use - operating Image Mender is a lot simpler than operating Photoshop Clone Tool. You only need to select the fragment to be removed from the image.
  • Supporting various formats – the program supports the following formats: JPEG, TIFF, BMP, PNG, MNG.
  • High performance – the program is written completely in the C++ language, which ensures its high performance.
Operating system support – the program runs under Windows 98, 2000, 2003, XP, ME, Vista, Mac OS X
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