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Icemark Users Manual
Using Icemark
Watermark Profile
How To...
Batch Processing
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How To...


  • Start the program.
  • Configure the profile or open a saved one (File -> Open Profile)
    • Key – enter the owner's key (up to 256 characters) that will be used to embed the watermark.
    • Intensity – set the intensity of the watermark. The higher the intensity is, the more unsusceptible the watermark is to image distortions. The optimal value is 50.
    • Type – watermark type
      • Identification – only the identifying watermark based on the key will be embedded.
      • Image ID – an image identifier will be embedded.
      • Text – text up to 28 characters long will be embedded.
    • Text - enter the text
    • Image ID – enter a number from 0 to 4294967296 identifying the image.
    • Restricted Use, Do Not Copy, Adult Content – set additional marks.
  • Open the image for embedment (File -> Open Image).
  • Embed the watermark (Watermark -> Embed).
    Attention! The “Trial Version” caption is additionally stamped on the image in the unregistered version of Icemark. Register the program to get rid of it.
  • Save the image in the necessary format (File -> Save Image As)


  • Start the program.
  • Configure the Settings category in the profile:
    • Key – enter the owner's key that was used to embed the watermark.
    • Type – enter the type of the embedded watermark.
  • Open the image for detection (File -> Open Image).
  • Select Watermark -> Detect in the menu. If the watermark is detected, you will see a window with the embedded information.
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